Mission Statement

Since about four decades I am engaged in research on ear and hearing. During the last quarter century as professor of Justus-Liebig-University, founded in 1607, and located in Giessen, Germany. Results of the work of our team, and myself have been published in a variety of printed media, as well as presented at maybe hundred congresses and scientific meetings in wide parts of the world. Noise-induced auditory damage is widespread, all over the world, and therefore it is necessary to improve protective measures. Official rules and procedures for noise, at the workplace and for hobbies and play, are apparently insufficient, because hearing-impairment by noise has not been reduced. One reason is the fact that regulations are based on assumptions that have never been thoroughly tested, but are often treated like a dogma, following the advice: “Don’t argue about it, don’t test it, just apply it carefully”. It is time to widen the hitherto narrow scope of discussion. This blog has the purpose to combine and present scattered information and concepts so that everyone interested can make up his or her own mind. These articles shall offer relevant facts for a thorough discussion, as well as suggestions or recommendations. Its goal is to help avoid noise-induced damage, and related tinnitus, everywhere.

Relevant subjects will be addressed in separate articles.

Concepts, strategies, and demands presented here are mine. Neither commercial products nor institutions, societies, companies or other groups are supported here. Links to other addresses, or listed literature, do not indicate that I am identifying myself with their contents.

I am expressing great thanks for the highly qualified work of the interdisciplinary auditory research team in Giessen, for the cooperation of many experts, as well as for the support of my family. Special thanks deserves Dr. Knorpp, professor and former dean of our medical school.

Illustrations presented are made by myself, if not stated otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. Dear Hearing Blog Person,
    I am so grateful to have found your blog.
    Please, have you anything in your research on the development of the ear in the embryo, baby, toddler and young child, up to ……..(when..???) which shows the effect of ipods into
    young developing ears.
    I am very interested to know if there are scientists researching this new phenomena of our techno-society, where people stick ear buds from ipods into the developing brain/hearing area of toddlers and children’s heads.
    Please keep up your excellent work.

  2. I agree that there should be a standard across the world for protecting your hearing at workplaces as it should be mandatory for these companies to do so. I say this because I was a Tinnitus sufferer for over 5 years and tried natural treatments and luckily it worked for me but its not something you want to go through especially getting at no fault of your own.
    Great Article.


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