Children’s Toys

Why children’s toys?
Damages to hearing, caused by noise, do not heal, and so they are called permanent. Hence, such injuries pile up. Protecting the ear of children can delay – or even avoid – the development of such a „damage pile“. Adults working in loud industries, or serve in the military, have experts that care about their environment, an advantage children do not have.

The auditory system
It consists of the two ears plus parts of the central nervous system, a marvelously effective neural machinery. Continue reading

Mission Statement

Since about four decades I am engaged in research on ear and hearing. During the last quarter century as professor of Justus-Liebig-University, founded in 1607, and located in Giessen, Germany. Results of the work of our team, and myself have been published in a variety of printed media, as well as presented at maybe hundred congresses and scientific meetings in wide parts of the world. Noise-induced auditory damage is widespread, all over the world, and therefore it is necessary to improve protective measures. Official rules and procedures for noise, at the workplace and for hobbies and play, are apparently insufficient Continue reading